End of year PIR update: final Terms of Reference, Fact Sheets and Noise Monitoring

Final Terms of Reference

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the draft Terms of Reference. A copy of the final Terms of Reference, a copy with marked-up changes and a review of community feedback document is now available.

UPDATE: Please note that there was an error when uploading the version of the draft ToR with marked up changes. This has now been rectified and the draft with changes in mark-up has now been uploaded at the same link. Thank you.

Fact Sheets

We have produced a number of factsheets to provide the community with information on key topics of interest raised during our PIR community information sessions in October 2021.

Additional factsheets will be provided during the PIR in response to community interest in particular topics.

Temporary noise monitors

Airservices is pleased to advise that, as part of the PIR process, a temporary noise monitor has been deployed in Samford and will remain in place for approximately 3 months after which it will be moved to other locations to gather data as required. Please visit the Brisbane WebTrak page for information.

In response to community interest, Brisbane Airport Corporation has also deployed a temporary noise monitor to provide information on noise in locations of community interest. The monitor was first placed in Balmoral and has since been moved to Brookfield. This monitor is also available on WebTrak and data collected will be made available to Airservices to support the PIR

Noise monitor location review

As part of the PIR Airservices has committed to reviewing our current noise monitor terminal placement. This review will commence in early 2022 and further information will be provided on this page.

This project is closed.

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