Information Update - Draft Terms of Reference Public Comment Period

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us during the Post Implementation Review (PIR) draft Terms of Reference (ToR) public comment period.

Based on some of the comments received, we would like to take this opportunity to provide some clarity on information regarding the scope, objectives and process.

We would like to confirm that there are no pre-determined outcomes and the PIR is open to all members of the community. All individuals and community groups will have equal voice as we progress through the PIR.

The draft ToR for the PIR speaks to Airservices commitment to undertake a review of flight paths at the Sunshine Coast Airport and states that:

  • Airservices conducts PIR into flight path changes and, in accepting the recommendations of the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman, can confirm this PIR is not constrained by the previous SCC EIS concepts and will encompass consideration of community suggested alternatives
  • The normal timeframe for a Post Implementation Review is the 12 month period immediately following implementation of new operations. However, as a result of the COVID-19 impacts on aircraft movements, we are unable to obtain representative and reliable data for noise modelling analysis, and this will be the case until operations at the airport return to a level of stability
  • To ensure that we commence the Post Implementation Review in a timely way, and address community interests, we are proposing a 2 phase process where the findings of Phase 1 will facilitate consideration of community suggested alternatives. Phase 2 activities (noise modelling and monitoring) will be shaped by and build on the findings of Phase 1
  • Subject to the ability to capture representative aircraft movement and noise data (needed for Phase 2), we anticipate that both phases will be complete within 18 months
  • We will apply our Community Engagement Framework (CEF) throughout this process. The CEF set out Airservices commitment to providing genuine engagement and opportunities for the community to influence outcomes of the Review. In addition the Principles contained in the draft ToR directly reflect what we heard from attendees at the first community meeting
  • Where safe and feasible flight path alternatives are suggested by community these will be considered the context of the Flight Path Design Principles (FPDP). The FPDP set out Airservices legislated responsibility and standards and the criteria for consideration of each of the Principles
  • We will apply the IAP2 Principles

We recognise the community has a lot of interest in this project, however, the ToR will need to be finalised for the Post Implementation Review to progress.

We will consider all community feedback and will provide a third version of the draft Terms of Reference for final comment.

Once the Terms of Reference is finalised, we will prepare our draft Community Engagement Plan which will be provided for public comment. The Community Engagement Plan defines the engagement activities and is based on the agreed principles, scope and objectives of the Review that are captured in the Terms of Reference. The Community Engagement Plan can only be drafted once the Terms of Reference is finalised.

Where we have received feedback in relation to aircraft operations and associated suggestions for noise improvements, these are being registered for consideration during Phase 1. For queries or complaints about current operations, please contact the Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS) here.

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