Why do we make changes to flight paths?

    We need to cater for the changing nature of aircraft operations, air traffic growth, airport expansion and advances in aviation technology, while keeping aviation safety as our first priority. 

    We also need to manage the impacts of aviation activities and this requires a careful balance of ensuring safety, operational efficiency, protecting the environment and minimising the effects of aviation noise on the community. 

    We recognise that aviation operations, and updates or changes to these operations, can impact communities in various ways. 

    Our aim is to minimise these impacts wherever practical while ensuring we provide the critical airspace infrastructure required to support social and economic growth at a local, regional and national level.

    Who initiates flight path changes?

    We design, develop and implement flight path and associated airspace changes that are either initiated by Airservices or involve Airservices in the process when initiated by others. Flight path changes may be initiated by a range of stakeholders, including community.

    What is our flight path change process?

    We undertake a multi-step flight path change process, which includes a range of assessment and stakeholder engagement, dependent on the scale and breadth of the change.
    Learn more about our Flight Path Design Principles.

    Can I suggest a noise improvement?

    Community members can suggest noise improvements through:

    We assess community initiated noise improvements for safety, feasibility and environmental impacts.