Hobart PIR Update #4

We have been progressing with the Post Implementation Review (PIR) Report and analysis of the temporary noise monitoring undertaken between January and June this year. We have also been working through all community and industry suggested flight path alternatives and noise abatement procedure improvements which were received during the public comment period held from March to May this year.

To provide sufficient time to thoroughly evaluate each of the suggested alternatives and provide clear outcomes for consideration by the community, we are extending our assessment period by an additional month. The draft PIR Report is now planned to be released in early November 2021. Due to the volume of information that will be presented in the PIR Report, we will also be extending the community and industry review period to six weeks which will conclude by mid-December 2021.

We are still planning to meet with the community face-to-face (subject to COVID restrictions) to present the draft report and key findings at the commencement of the review period. (If travel is not possible, we will share the findings of the draft PIR report through online forums.)

Please refer to the timeline on the right hand side of this page for more information on the timing of next steps.

Airservices has been progressing the recommended actions identified through the Post Implementation Review (PIR). The status of each recommended action is available to view here https://engage.airservicesaustralia.com/46094/widgets/319381/documents/245468.

We are progressing the recommended actions for community and industry suggested flight path alternatives as two separate packages of work.

A new project page has been created on Engage Airservices https://engage.airservicesaustralia.com/hobart-community to provide you with ongoing updates on the delivery of these two packages of work. Please subscribe to this new page to continue receiving updates on this project.

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