Why is a Post Implementation Review Required?

    In 2015, Airservices referred to the Minister for Environment in relation to the Gold Coast Instrument Landing System Procedures for  Arrivals. The Minister's advice included a requirement that Airservices to give consideration to a PIR of our environmental assessment of the ILS flight paths, within 12 to 18 months of ILS commissioning.  

    In March 2017, an Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) ruling placed conditions on the use of the ILS. As part of this ruling Airservices was required to design noise abatement procedures (NAPs) for ILS arrival procedures. 

    The ILS was commissioned and arrival procedures (including NAPs) were implemented on 28 February 2019. To meet the Minister's approval we will conduct the PIR by the end of August 2020. 

    What is the scope of the Post Implementation Review?

    To ensure approval conditions are met, the PIR will include review of:

    • Airservices 2014 environmental assessment of the ILS flight path, including assumptions and forecast noise levels

    In addition, Airservices will also review:

    • application of Noise Abatement Procedures (NAPs) for arrival procedures to the ILS
    • community engagement activities and information about forecast noise levels and NAPs.

    Where can I access Airservices community engagement activities and information regarding the NAPs?

    You can download a copy of this information in the Resources Tab on this project page.

    What is an ILS?

    The Instrument Landing System (ILS) is a precision ground based aid that provides vertical and horizontal guidance to pilots to enable them to approach and land in low visibility weather conditions. This reduces missed approaches, flight delays, holdings and possible diversions.  

    The ILS was installed to improve reliability of landings (for equipped aircraft) at Gold Coast Airport during periods of inclement weather and to equip Gold Coast Airport with the same level of technology as other airports of a similar size and capacity. 

    How can I get involved?

    The Gold Coast Airport has a Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG) and the Airport Noise Abatement Consultative Committee (ANACC). 

    Community members can either provide comments to their community representatives through the CACG (cacg@gcal.com.au) or ANACC (anacc@gcal.com.au), or directly to Airservices here.

    You can also post your comments to Airservices Community Engagement, Locked Bag 747, QLD 4009

    Comments regarding noise monitoring and flight path changes are outside the scope of this PIR and will be referred to the CACG and ANACC, as appropriate.