Sunshine Coast Community Information Session - Video and previously submitted community suggestions

Video recording

We have encountered an unexpected technical error with the recording of the meeting on the 18th. Our team is working to identify a solution and we will provide an update soon.

Previously submitted community suggestions

During the 2019 engagement on the final flight path design for Sunshine Coast Airport’s new runway, nine suggestions were received from the community for alternative flight path operations. The assessment of these options was documented in the Sunshine Coast Airspace and Flight Path Changes – Proposed Final Design and Consideration of Feedback – July 2019 which is available on this site. You can access the document here.

Pages 28 to 34 describe each of the suggestions and the assessment outcome.

In most cases, the suggestions could not be progressed because they were not contained within the approved EIS corridor, which at the time the design was constrained by. Several however were also identified as increasing track miles and thus fuel burn and emissions, not complying with industry regulations or design standards, or creating safety issues with aircraft flying closer to mountainous areas.

One option was deemed feasible and was noted future consideration:

  • Arriving aircraft to Runway 13 – adjusted northern approach to the RNAV (page 30).

We will revisit each of these options as part of the PIR given we are no longer constrained by the approved EIS corridor, however our required safety, compliance and feasibility considerations will still apply.

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