PIR activity update

Draft Community Engagement Plan

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the draft Community Engagement Plan (CEP).

An updated draft CEP is now available for review for three weeks, from Monday 29 March 2021 to Friday 30 April 2021 (midnight AEST). This review period excludes the two-week Easter holiday period.

Access the updated draft CEP here.

A summary of the feedback received and how we considered it is available here.

Short-Term Noise Monitoring Feasibility Study

We have commenced our site feasibility study to identify potential zones in which we may place noise monitors. Once we have completed the feasibility study, we will provide these zones and supporting information to the community and commence engagement on suitable monitoring locations.

Next Steps

We will release the final CEP and the Noise Monitoring Site Feasibility Study Report shortly after the current community review period closes, depending on volume of feedback. We will then commence engagement on suitable locations to site the noise monitors.

Information on timeframes for the community suggested alternative submission period has been included in the updated draft CEP.

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