Additional information for residents of Buddina and Point Cartwright

We have received a number of queries regarding flight paths, curfew and consultation, from communities south of the airport including Buddina and Point Cartwright.

Consultation on the proposed flight path designs concluded on 30 April 2019. Community feedback was analysed and alternative submissions considered. The Proposed Final Design and Consideration of Feedback report describes this process and the outcomes.

We have recently received a number of requests from the community asking for the flight paths to be altered and for Airservices to relocate the tracking waypoints to the south east, known as ITIDE and MOOLO further over water to the north.

As consultation has concluded these suggestions will not be analysed at this time.

As part of our process, we may include them in the register of alternatives, if they meet minimum safety and operational feasibility requirements, will investigate them for possible future noise improvement outcomes.

Flight Paths

The communities of Buddina, including Point Cartwright, will no longer be directly overflown by jet operations when the new runway (Runway 13/31) operations commence.

Instead the flight paths will take aircraft over the water for both departures and arrivals – with the arrival flight path now approximately 2 km to the east of the coastline.

However these communities will continue to experience some aircraft operations, including noticing aircraft off the coast and experiencing some aircraft noise events, (between 5-10 noise events per day) at or below 60 decibels (N60). This will vary due to the runway operation used on the particular day and is slightly different across summer and winter.

Some community members will experience the effect of aircraft operations associated with departures off Runway 13 (approximately 77% of the time, due to prevailing winds), and arrivals to Runway 31 (approximately 23% of the time due to prevailing winds).

A graphic representation of this information can be found in Runway 13 Departures - Inner South Communities

A graphic representation of this information can be found in Runway 31 Arrivals - Inner South Communities

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