Community Suggested Alternatives – Update

Sunshine Coast residents may be aware that in addition to conducting the Post Implementation Review (PIR) on Sunshine Coast flight paths, Airservices is also conducting a PIR on Brisbane’s new flight paths.

On 22 August 2022, Airservices released the Brisbane New Parallel Runway Flight Paths Post Implementation Review (PIR) Independent Review Final Report by Trax International (Trax) which includes a number of recommendations that have interfaces with the Sunshine Coast airspace.

In reviewing the Sunshine Coast community suggested alternative flight path submissions, we have also identified constraints with Brisbane’s airspace. To get the best possible outcome for both airspace PIRs, we have identified the need to complete these reviews in parallel. This will allow consideration of some suggestions from the Sunshine Coast that would otherwise be ruled out now due to the conflict with current Brisbane airspace operations.

We intend to provide a draft report for Sunshine Coast by the end of 2022. This will identify the suggested alternatives that are considered safe and feasible to progress through the Airservices Airspace Change Program and those that require more detailed consideration in parallel with Brisbane PIR outcomes. A Sunshine Coast community meeting will follow the draft report release to enable detailed discussion of the PIR findings, outcomes and next steps.

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