RFP Addenda 5

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RFP Closing Time: 2359h local time in the ACT on 23 June 2021

(Changed on the front page & Section 1. RFP Details - see document library for v1.2 of the RFP)

Enquiry Deadline: 2359h local time in the ACT on 16 June 2021

(Changed Section 1. RFP Details- see document library for v1.2 of the RFP)

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Section 2.6, SI04 What types of NOTAMs does AsA expect to be decoded into digital NOTAM format? There are a large number of NOTAMs that include temporal spacial data that apply to the SFC to 400ft and above airspace.

For the purpose of the prototype, Airservices is not applying filtering on NOTAMs other than those that do not impact operations below 400ft (i.e. filter all NOTAMs with a lower limit above 400ft).

Learnings from the Prototype activity and other internal analysis activities will result in a suitable filtering model.


Requirements TS02 and SI01 reference the FIB, and the Reference section itself states [7] ICD/FIB/SOAP/001, FIB SOAP Interface Control Document. Please would Airservices provide this ICD so that we can confirm compliance to those requirements. Can a sample dataset supplied?

Airservices are unable to provide the FIB ICD at this point in time. We will provide the ICD to the successful applicants on contract signature.

Please see the sample request/response from the FIB data feed in the document library to the right.

The RFP has concluded

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