RFP Addenda 3

The following clarifications are provided for this RFP:




We have released our industry briefing video. We encourage all potential respondents to watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiOloZ8fHzw


See attached list of questions and answers specific to the FIMS Prototype System Requirements Specification.



I guess the key aspect of my question was not asking the AsA to provide standards, of course we can do that. It’s the issue with WK63418, which seems key to the RFP but as confirmed by AsA’s Manager, is not available to anyone, so it’s impossible to reference irrespective of how the requirement is classified.


Access to WK63418 draft standards is something that individual respondents are responsible for sourcing, should they wish to address those specific desirable requirements.



In section 6.2 Foreground IP (a) there is a reference to clause 6.4, feedback and suggestions. Is this reference correct? Could you elaborate how the clause 6.2 is subject to feedback and suggestions clause?


Clause 6.4 is to ensure that Airservices is not prevented from using any information discussed in working groups, meetings, or general discussion that is not identified as Foreground IP by the Developer. This kind of information is considered to be distinct from clause 6.2 given the nature of collaborative working groups, meetings, or general discussion.



Will Airservices interpret a "does not comply" and/or "partial compliance" in response to Annex E as a Partial or Alternative Proposal as defined by Item 9 and Item 10 respectively.


For clarity, the following explanations are provided:

  • A Partial Proposal is one that proposes to deliver only part of the solution requested in Schedule One (Statement of Requirements), for example delivery of only a specific component of the protype. Airservices requires proposals to provide a complete solution and as such will not be accepting partial proposals (Item 9).
  • Annexure E (Compliance Statement) requires tenderers to indicate compliance, partial compliance or noncompliance with a) the draft agreement and b) the System Requirement Specifications (Schedule 4). Whilst Airservices prefers compliance with all clauses of the agreement and the System Requirement Specifications, partial compliance or noncompliance with these requirements will form the basis of matters for negotiation with the preferred tenderer/s and will not lead to a tenderer being deemed to have submitted a partial proposal.
  • An alternative proposal (item 10 and Section 5.8) is one that does not comply with the requirements and proposes an alternative means to that outlined in the Statement of Requirement, of delivering the solution required by Airservices. An alternative proposal cannot be submitted unless a compliant proposal is also submitted. Therefore Airservices could not deem a proposal to be an alternative proposal based on responses to Annexure E. Airservices will not accept alternate proposals.

The RFP has concluded

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