RFP Addenda 2

The following corrections are provided for this RFP:




RFP Closing Time: 2359h local time in the ACT on 9 June 2021

(Changed on the front page & Section 1. RFP Details)


Enquiry Deadline: 2359h local time in the ACT on 2 June 2021

(Changed Section 1. RFP Details)


Page 32, Section 2 – Requirements, Paragraph (a) Figure 2 – FIMS Prototype Development & Down-Selection Approach, update to dates in the timeline of the diagram.

Question and Answers submitted through Engage & iap@airservicesaustralia.com


Answer posted May 5 2021

Question 1:

Page 40 of schedule 4 (FIMS prototype System Requirements) dated 27 April 2021. Please advise how to get access to the UTM spec docs 001 - 006 shown in Section 4 "References". Thanks


Airservices have described the requirement that each of these specs apply to throughout the System Requirements, however, we intend to only provide the detailed specifications to the selected participants in the FIMS Prototype pilot. Respondents should use the System Requirements to determine expected efforts for integration/development.


Answer posted May 10 2021

Question 2:

The SRS page 50 B.3 Off-nominal Operations discusses the identification of non-conforming operations. The architecture (Figure 2 Page 8) illustrated in the SRS document makes the USS responsible for deconfliction and dynamic reroute. If a non-conformance is triggered and the contingency state is declared, and the USS notifies the FIMS of a revised intent volume, is it the expectation that FIMS will re-flow current strategic deconfliction approvals and re-issue or will corrective and containing action be limited to the primary and secondary actors and the specific vehicle? We believe this is a relevant issue, particularly in projected, high-density environments.


The SRS establishes a series of relatively high-level system functions and outcomes. Airservices is open to respondent proposals for low-level system design/functionality. However, evaluation of submissions with respect to technical requirements will only consider proposed compliance and feasibility against those described in the SRS.


Answer posted May 10 2021

Question 3:

Notwithstanding the answer to the consolidated list of questions from the RFI phase (Page13) regarding ASTM WK63418, the SRS Document CM03, XM02, DSS02 and USS SD01 all use the term "shall comply" regarding compliance with WK63418. As the SRS refers, this standard is in Draft form and not available to anyone other than members of the working group. The Manager, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM, confirmed this policy as an immutable position overnight. Given that the SRS requirements seem to indicate, using the word "shall", mandatory compliance with a draft standard, can ASA provide a copy of this draft to potential respondents as it seems apparent that the writers know of its contents?


In all references to ASTM standards in the SRS document, each requirement has been listed as 'Classification 2' or 'desirable'. Airservices will not be providing access to industry standards, it is up to the respondent to organise access to any standards documentation required for their submission.


Answer posted May 10 2021

Question 4:

Is AsA seeking only UTM developers, or will bids from data and system integrators with demonstrable capability in the FIMS component be eligible?


Airservices will accept submissions from any organisation and the merits of that submission will be determined against the evaluation criteria stated in the RFP under Schedule 5.


Request received from industry for two-week extension via iap@airservicesaustralia.com.

Extension applied and new closing time as per ID 1 of this addenda.

Please note changes to ID's 1 to 3 have been captured in the updated RFP document found in the Document Library to the right (dated 110521).

The RFP has concluded

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