Where do I submit my response to the RFI?

    Our preference is that you submit through the 'Submit Response' tab at the bottom of the site.

    Alternatively, you may submit through llap@airservicesaustralia.com.

    Where does drone surveillance fit within UTM?

    We have established the Low Level Airspace Program with the aim of developing innovative technological solutions and capability to enable us to continue to provide valued airspace management services to our customers and emerging airspace users. Work covered in the Program includes initiatives to enhance drone surveillance at airports, a research and development program with universities and other research organisations, and FIMS development. 

    The Department is leading a whole-of-government approach to develop a policy relating to emerging aviation technology such as drones and the related infrastructure required to support operations. Australia's proposed UTM architecture, including the role of drone surveillance is depicted below.

    Australia's Proposed UTM Architecture