PIR Update

Brisbane Post Implementation Review

The Post Implementation Review (PIR) for Brisbane was completed in December 2022 with the release of the final report. Work has commenced to deliver the recommendations of the PIR, with current focus on the items noted in Section 7 of the report as prioritised for delivery this year.

We will soon release a program to show the timing of actions against each recommendation. We will report quarterly on our progress against this program and on the outcomes of design, environmental assessment and community engagement activities associated with each action.

A draft community engagement plan is currently being developed to guide our engagement with the community throughout implementation of the PIR recommendations. We will provide this for public comment once complete.

Temporary noise monitoring

During PIR engagement, community members from the Redlands requested to have noise monitoring undertaken in their community. Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) and Airservices are pleased to advise that following this request, we have successfully installed three temporary noise monitors in this region and will be collecting and reporting data for the next three months.

Interested community members can now view these monitors on WebTrak. Information will also be available on the BNE website: Noise Management | Brisbane Airport by next week.

This project is closed.

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